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Spell any name whatsoever in my ask! Disney version! <3

  • A:

    Absolute best Disney movie?

  • B:

    Best backgrounds in a Disney movie?

  • C:

    Couple that makes you want to cry?

  • D:

    Do you know what you're going to do today?

  • E:

    Everyone loves _______ but you don't.

  • F:

    Favorite Disney moment?

  • G:

    Greatest Disney character?

  • H:

    Headcanon that you believe in?

  • I:

    Interesting fact about your favorite Disney movie.

  • J:

    Joyful scene that always makes you smile?

  • K:

    Kindest Disney character?

  • L:

    Least favorite Disney sidekick?

  • M:

    Most mind-blowing visuals in a movie/scene?

  • N:

    Non-animated Disney movie that you love?

  • O:

    One thing Disney has taught you?

  • P:

    Personal Disney-related story?

  • Q:

    Questions that you've had while watching a movie?

  • R:

    Reason you still love Disney after all these years?

  • S:

    Song you always have to sing?

  • T:

    The one thing you wish Disney had done differently in a movie?

  • U:

    Unpopular opinion?

  • V:

    Villain that could kick all other villains butts?

  • W:

    Worst Disney movie/show?

  • X:

    [Free game! Say anything you want!]

  • Y:

    You can be any Disney character you want; who are you?

  • Z:

    Zero to Hero: Best heroic journey made by a character?

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